3M™ Booth Coating 06839, 1 Gallon


Part Number: 06839

A water-based liquid designed to protect paint booth walls, lights, etc. from paint and primer over-spray. This coating dries to a clear film and can be applied with a conventional paint gun. Can be removed with water.



Good lighting conditions in the spray-booth are critical to ensure quality painting, so to maintain perfect lighting levels it is vital to keep all light fittings, walls and windows regularly cleaned of paint and primer over-spray. Some booth coatings are known to discolor over time, but the non-tacky feature of 3M Booth Coating means that the protected walls stay cleaner and don’t smudge or smear if brushed against. 3M Booth Coating 06839 is applied using conventional spray equipment and is easily and quickly washed off with water or a pressure washer.
Excellent solvent resistance.

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