Wurth Car Clean Set 5 in 1



  • Seat protector and floor mat
  • Protective film for steering wheel, shift lever and handbrake



  • Perfect fit and adhesion with anti-slip underside
  • Transparent headrest area enables a clear view when driving in reverse and during test drives
  • Protection against oil, dirt and water
  • The multilayer film is especially anti-slip and adhesive
  • High-stretch film, elastically adapts to shapes
  • Transparent material is used to recognize symbols
  • Protects the control elements against soiling
  • All necessary protectors are provided on a single tear-off
  • Easy logistics, because it’s just one article
  • Saves storage space and dispenser systems
  • Suitable for most passenger car interiors
  • Supports mechanics in complying with the required quality standards
  • All protectors are packed in a dust-proof dispenser carton
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