ThreeBond Diesel Engine Conditioner


Threebond Engine Conditioner (Diesel) cleans the induction system & combustion chamber on your petrol engine by removing carbon, varnish, sludge & gum all without dismantling major parts of the engine.



IMPROVES PERFORMANCE REDUCES PINGING IMPROVES FUEL ECONOMY HELPS SMOOTH ROUGH IDLE REDUCES POLLUTION HELPS COMPRESSION RATIO Use every 15 000km service or 6 monthly. Suitable for vehicles with catalytic converters O2 sensor safe Use only on cable-operated throttle, if electronic throttle consult your dealer BEFORE using. No CFC LPG Propellant Flammable Gas 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Warm engine to normal operating temperature. Shake can well. Stop engine, remove hose between air cleaner and surge tank from surging tank side. Re-start engine and run at 1000 – 2000RPM whilst spraying conditioner into throttle valve. Stop engine and allow to stand for 5 minutes before re-attaching rubber hose. Start vehicle and step on the accelerator intermittently for 2 – 3 minutes.

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