Super Glass Cleaner 250ml


One bottle will cater up to 20 cars. You will only need around 20-30ml to complete a van recommended for: car windows/winshild, glass sunproof/moonroof, shower enclosures,house windows etc.



1. Wash and completely dry glass and/or metals.
2. Pour small amount of solution in a clean microfiber towel apply on glass in single strokes until marks are gone.
3. Rinse well with running water.
5. Do it per sectional/panel. Do not allow solution to set in glass for a long time.
6. Shampoo your car after you have completed all windows.

Do not use:

  • mirrors with coating. if you see some hue (gold, bluish, greenish, do not apply out solution)
  • cars exterior
  • painted surface with clear coating
  • plastic lens (example: headlights)


  • Do not allow to settle for a long time in any surface, wash immediately with soap and running water after applying our solution.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight
  • Again, wear gloves to be sure!
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