Rubberseal Superundercoat 1 gallon



Rubberseal super undercoat is specially formulated for use as a coating onto the underbody chassis, fender, bonnet and inside surfaces of doors, body shell and roof of automobiles, shipping containers, vehicles and others. It dries solely by solvent evaporation. Accelerated drying by elevating temperature is workable if neccesary. The dried coating adheres well on metal surfaces andi s well-proven for corrosion protection, shock absorption, noise reduction and vibration damping.




By undercoating gun or brush. Areas to be coated should be clean and dry. Any loose flakes of paint, etc. should be removed using a wire brush, etc. coat area with a thick even coat using a spray gun or brush, allow to dry

Rubberseal super undercoat may be painted over after minimum of two hours in good drying conditions, leave longer if possible depending on ambient temperature.

Clean up brushes and flush spray gun through with thinners or brush wash. Areas not to be coated should be protected by masking of covering.

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