3M Hookit Blue Abrasive Sheet Roll (Multi-Hole 2.75″ x13y 180 Grade), 36191


Part Number: 36191

3M Hookit Blue Abrasive Sheet Roll 321U delivers best-in-class performance at every stage of paint prep and body repair. Premium aluminum oxide mineral is blended with ceramic grain for a full range of automotive sanding jobs. A specially-designed multi-hole pattern captures dust, reduces loading and extends sheet life. Perforated Hookit sheets are easily sized to reduce product waste.



  • A best-in-class abrasive sheet roll for the entire repair and paint prep process
  • Engineered ceramic mineral blend is balanced for maximum abrasive performance in its class
  • Multi-hole pattern delivers excellent dust extraction and reduces loading
  • Upgraded resins improve durability and finish
  • Hookit sheets are easy to attach, remove and reuse.
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