• 3m wiper blades uv resistant rubber 26 3m wiper blades uv resistant rubber 26
    Part Number: Wiper Blade
    • A pack of wiper blades consists of 14,18, 20, 22, 24, and 24 inch blade.
    • Universal clip on UV resistant rubber wiper blade.
    • Frameless, curved blade to provides optimal contact.
    • High carbon metal used in design.
    • Easy clip installation.
    • Sleek frameless blade for a modern look.
  • Part Number: 05771 Used with standard Hookit™ Back-Up Pad, increases conformability, allowing the technician to follow contours and get in closer to most edges. Constructed of a soft durable foam, with 6 dust holes. Used with clean sanding, and non-dust free discs.
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