Cleaners and degreasers have their place in the maintenance of your items or equipment. Knowing when to reach for what can make your cleaning job faster and easier while keeping your facility safe and free of dirt. If you can’t differentiate between cleaners and degreasers? Or wondering if there is a difference? If so, you are not alone. Various products may be labeled as general-purpose cleaners, degreasers, or detergent degreasers. So, what is a cleaning expert you might think?

The cleaning products you use at home leave residues that may come into contact with your skin, not to mention the food you prepare, the clothes you wear, and even your pets. Whether you clean the house yourself or use a cleaning service, you should always consider the cleaning products you use. Most over-the-counter household cleaners contain harmful chemicals. Using eco-friendly cleaners will keep your home safe from dangerous chemicals and create a healthier environment.

Bangco Marketing is the BEST Supplier of BIODEGRADABLE Degreaser in the Philippines. We only supply the best of the best biodegradable degreasers because we do not support cleaning up grease, oil, tough soil, dirt stains, and other heavy dirt with harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals. Our environmentally friendly, biodegradable degreaser utilizes the power of natural enzymes to efficiently break down organic matter so that it can be rinsed away.


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